An analysis of the universes beauty and the principles of scientific research taught in silence

Once a time machine exists, then decisions made at one point on the time-line of an individual can affect not only the future of that individual, but also the past of that individual. Time machines will also raise philosophical questions. If you in the future had sent a message back in time to yourself in the past, then does the "you" in the future have any free will?

An analysis of the universes beauty and the principles of scientific research taught in silence

We shall provide simple meanings of the mantras in question that would suffice the purpose of refuting the bogus claims. However please note that vedic mantras have extremely deep meanings that cannot be adequately represented here and requires mastery of the subjects.

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An analysis of the universes beauty and the principles of scientific research taught in silence

Vedas say Earth is static! According to Vedas, the earth is static and this statement is repeated several times.

An analysis of the universes beauty and the principles of scientific research taught in silence

The following are some of the examples: He who made the trembling earth static is Indra. There is nothing about static earth in this mantra. Unfortunately the scientist who wrote this could not distinguish between stable and static.

Anything that moves or stays in equilibrium as per defined laws is stable and when there is an element of randomness or unpredictability it becomes unstable.

By the way, this is a celebrated Mantra recited by Hindus daily and means: May we surrender all our actions and thoughts only to Him who has stabilized the sun and other illuminating bodies, the earth, the heavenly bodies and the entire universe solely for our happiness and who provides us ultimate bliss after Mukti or salvation.

Very clearly the mantra says that all heavenly bodies are stable include sun. This is the mantra from the famous Bhumi Sukta which forms the origin of the sense of love that patriots demonstrate for Dharti Mata.

When one reads this Sukta today considering how our freedom fighters would die for this soil and often carrying this soil in hand till last breath, one cannot help getting his eyes wet with sense of gratitude towards those great legends whose debts we have to repay through our deeds.


The particular mantra means: O Earth, you provide me with great snow-capped mountains and hills, forests, farms, food, herbs and rains so that I am always happy, protected and nurtured.

You provide me the support I need to live like a king. The next mantra continues — You are my mother, O Earth, and I am your son.

You purify us and may we be able to repay your blessings through our noble actions.

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What could be a better thought on love for mother earth! That is why this is so unscientific for them! On contrary there are several mantras in Vedas that clearly discuss the movement of earth.

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