Bromley childminding business plan

All providers pre-schools, nurseries etc and childminders are required to follow the statutory requirements and guidance of the EYFS and work together to support the children in their care. Children are free to move inside and outside depending on what they are doing at the time I encourage them to choose the resources they want and to take them to the place where they feel most comfortable. Planning for all the children All children have individual planning sheets written every week - whether they are aged 3 and under or 3 and upwards. Their individual planning is written after observations have been done observations show us what the children are enjoying doing and how they are currently learning in their free play time.

Bromley childminding business plan

Further information Who this guide is for This guide is for organisations involved in delivering the Care to Learn C2L scheme in the to academic year. It provides information about the eligibility criteria and application process.

Who this guide is for

A summary of Care to Learn C2L provides funding for childcare to help young parents bromley childminding business plan as those aged under 20 continue in education after the birth of a child. The scheme provides funding for childcare whilst the young parent is engaged in a study programme and is not able to provide care for their child.

It can also help with travel costs involved in taking the child to the childcare provider. C2L provides funding for childcare whilst young parents are on work placements, where these are a defined part of the study programme. To get C2L, the young parent, their education institution and their childcare provider must all meet the eligibility criteria.

Young parents must complete and submit a new application each academic year even if their study programme runs for more than one year. Young parents should apply for C2L before the start of their study programme or as soon as possible after they start.

If young parents apply after the start of their study programme, it is important they know that payments can only be backdated to the beginning of their study programme if their application is received within 28 days of the start date.

For any applications received outside of this timeframe payments will only begin from the Monday of the week the SBSS receive the application.

Stakeholders should tell young parents about the availability of financial support for childcare through C2L to help them make more informed decisions about their options.

Some examples of good practice are included in this guide. Eligibility criteria To receive C2L, the young parent, their education institution and childcare provider must all meet the eligibility criteria. Age The young parent must be aged under 20 years old on the date they start their study programme.

Young parents who become 20 during their study programme can continue to get funding to the end of that specific study programme, so to the end of the same programme at the same level. Main carer for the child ren The young parent must be the main carer and in receipt of Child Benefit for the child ren for whom they are claiming C2L.

If a young parent loses custody of their child reneven temporarily, they must tell the SBSS immediately. The mother or father of the child can claim C2L as long as: A London weighting applies to the scheme.

If a young parent indicates that they are a migrant from a country that is outside the EEA, they will only be eligible for C2L if one of the following immigration conditions applies: There are no specific requirements for the length, duration or level of the study programme but it must be a defined programme of study.Planning Checklist for Childminders.

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PACEY is the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years. Formed in , we are a charity dedicated to supporting everyone working in childcare and early years to provide high quality care and early learning for children and families.

Childcare business grant scheme to close.

bromley childminding business plan

The Department for Education has today announced that the Childcare Business Grant Scheme that is available to childminders, childcare providers on domestic premises and childminder agencies operating in England will be ending on 31 March Business Smart - by childminders, for childminders A collection of ideas, inspiration and tools to help new and existing childminders in England develop a sustainable business Food safety and hygiene training.

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