Custom papercut ketubah

My life work is bringing Yiddish into peoples' lives through song, and expanding the world of Jewish visual arts with calligraphy and papercut art.

Custom papercut ketubah

Ketubot Jewish marriage contract which specifies the groom's obligations to the bride. Each Ketubah made by Loebman is completely custom, as can be seen in the examples below. All are designed with input from the couple. It is a three stage process.

The first stage is a very informal interview in which ideas are thrown out, and a basic idea of the overall look of the ketubah is formulated. Then, the couple is shown a full size drawing of the design, in pencil. Upon approval, the final Ketubah is made from this drawing. Some couples feel very creative, and enjoy contributing design ideas, while others feel they have no artistic abilities, and feel more comfortable just being "interviewed" and leaving all design aspects up to Lee.

Either way, a beautiful, unique Ketubah is always the result.


These meetings can take place in person, over the phone by e-mail or regular mail. The average Ketubah size is 22" x 30". The Ketubot are usually papercut and painted with water based acrylics and gouache.

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Ketubah Description: The art of papercutting traces its roots in the Jewish Tradition to the 14th century rabbi, Shem-Tov ben Yitzhak ben Ardutiel, who after his ink froze, completed a treatise by cutting out the letters.

custom papercut ketubah

Although this artwork is not an actual papercut, Mickie was inspired by this tradition to create a stunning ketubah using. Modern Papercut ketubah # Round Ketuba, Shades of green Leaves, 24k gold leaf.

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$ Jewish Papercut ketubah $ Jewish Paper cut Ketubah #, Modern Ketubah, Custom Ketubah, Leafs. $ Jewish Papercut ketubah Custom Ketubah Art. A happy bride at the huppah with her papercut ketubah! 'Tis the season, and I've been busy with commissions of all sorts! _____ A full week of learning and teaching at the Havurah Summer Institute was a welcome experience again this year.

Located at Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire, about Havurahniks from. Prints Ruth's Ketubah designs are available in high quality, affordable limited edition prints exclusively through and See More Custom Ketubahs If you want a ketubah that doesn't look like anyone else's or .

custom papercut ketubah

Jewish Wedding Ketubah in New York. 25 vendors. Your Ketubah by Ellie Siegel, Amit Yaffe - Decorative Artist and more.

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