Dr mengele research paper

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Dr mengele research paper

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Many of the discoveries have been results of laboratory experiments on animals. While some of this research has not always been pleasant for the animals, the discoveries uncovered significantly compensate for the countless lives lost during the research.

During the Holocaust at the concentration camp at Auschwitz different kinds of subjects were used for experimentation. Josef Mengele, the camp doctor, focused his work on living humans. The results found during the experimentation by Dr. Mengele helped lead to advancements in the modern medical field despite the numerous lives lost and discomfort inflicted on the test subjects.

Mengele was assigned to Auschwitz he led a distinguished career in genetic research. For his doctorate, Mengele did genetic research dealing with oral fissures.

He volunteered to go to Auschwitz in so he could perform medical and anthropological experiments to further his studies. This would allow the Aryan race to multiply at a quicker rate.

Research was conducted at Auschwitz with subjects above two years old and centered mainly around twins and people with the genetic disorder know as dwarfism.

Every patient was subject to questions about medical and family history especially twinsclinical examinations, x-rays, mandatory daily blood tests, and anthropological measurements. Normal medical precautions for patients were not used; for example, anesthesia was not administered, protective coverings during x-rays were not required, and consideration of blood loss was not a concern in the daily withdrawing of samples.

Mengele studied maternal and fraternal twins. He was fascinated most by identical twins. Spinal taps were given to some of the subjects to test reactions. Some twins and other people that Mengele studied had their limbs and organs removed, while others were castrated or sterilized.

He intended on doing other genetic tests in which the sperm of a twin male would be injected into the uterus of a non-twin female. He also planned on having a twin female and a twin male mate as wellas injecting male twin blood into a non-twin female all in attempt for the females to bear twin children Lifton Doctors Twins were studied as in-depth in death as they were studied in life.

Mengele would arrange for twins to die at the same time so his post-mortem dissections could be performed simultaneously.

Dr mengele research paper

The bodies would then be dissected and comparisons would be made. Mengele performed other experiments that were not specified toward twins only. Dwarfs were studied and dissected similarly to the way twins were. He watched for inmates with the condition heterochromia; the condition that a person is born with when the eyes are different colors.

The eyes were injected with methylene blue in an attempt to change the color to the desired Aryan eye color Lifton 5. These experiments had short and long term affects on the test subjects. The spinal taps carried out left many paralyzed, deaf, or unconscious and some ,depending on the age of the patient, died.

The diseases that were injected to test the reaction of the different races had different outcomes depending on the disease. Inevitably, many of the patients died, because no antibiotics were administered to help the body fight off the infections.

One case is recorded about Mengele sterilizing a group of Polish nuns by an x-ray machine.

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Several things can be learned specifically from Dr. First and foremost, the experimentation Mengele did helped in the understanding of modern genetics. He was well on his way, before his work was cut short by the liberation of Auschwitz, to discovering how genetics truly work.

He was starting to understand that twin births have something to do with the initial conception. It seems as though he understood that twin births are more likely to occur when there is a family history of twin births.

Secondly, he progressed in the area of eye color research. None of the subjects tested had a change in eye color. Scientists can conclude that eye color can only be changed physically by the use of colored contactsnot chemically.

Therefore, Mengele indirectly helped to lead to the invention of colored contacts. This is the only way that the modern medical field knows to change eye color. Mengele has obviously acted as a foundation in the modern research of genetics and blood transfusion.

One reason for is success is attributed to the manner in which he treated his test subjects.Josef Mengele, The Angel of Death - Throughout the Holocaust Years, and shortly afterwards, there was a man that struck fear in the people imprisoned in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp – .

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Josef Mengele’s Research Essay Sample The Benefits of Dr. Josef Mengele’s Research Humanity has prospered for years because of the discoveries of the medical community. Many of the discoveries have been results of laboratory experiments on animals.

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Dr mengele research paper

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Josef Rudolf Mengele was a very significant officer in Auschwitz, one of the many WWII concentration camps. He was born on March 16, and was in service as . Dr. Josef Mengele. The Holocaust remains one of the most tragic events in history with the cruel and inhuman treatment of many innocent people.

Auschwitz, a Nazi concentration death camp located in Poland, is notorious for experiments Dr. Josef Mengele performed on twins during their imprisonment.

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