Gangs in south central los angeles

It includes the City of Los Angeles and 87 other cities.

Gangs in south central los angeles

Recently, South Los Angeles was in the spotlight after social media rumors promised days and nights of retaliation after a year-old man was shot and killed there.

The rumors turned out to be just that, but they came during a surge in gang violence. This year as a whole, the city is seeing a surge in violent crime. As a law enforcement leader, how do you approach a surge in crime? A couple things — with the violent crime, that's of course a huge issue because we've had so many years where crime has been on the decline.

The first objective for me as a leader is to get our folks to understand that we are in this for the long haul. Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in looking at what's happening right now that you lose perspective on the bigger picture and the bigger objective.

And that plays a lot into what the department and the chief of police, Chief Beck, is trying to do in terms of relationship-based policing, because when you address crime and spikes of violence on the short term, really the quickest and the most effective way to do that is to increase your enforcement and your suppression on those people who you think are engaging in that violent crime, Gangs in south central los angeles gangs in South Los Angeles.

But that too has a consequence, particularly for that community. There's so many people that have been in the criminal justice system and you don't want to harm the community by your policing tactics, so we have to have a balance.

Recently rumors of gang violence on social media spread fast to the streets, prompting fear in residents.

How did you reach out to the community to get those rumors quashed? The first thing we had to do was reach out to our own folks and make sure they understood what this post was, whether it was fact or fiction That post went through the LAPD just as quickly as it went through the community.

The second thing is when the community, when they got hold of that post, it spread like wildfire. I was getting text messages and emails, and then by the time it got to the press it just really exponentially spread.

One of the things that we said we needed to do right away was get the most accurate information out to the community that we could. People were thinking that it was just out of control, Wild, Wild West, that people were dying on a daily basis, and that really wasn't the case.

We did have a bad week that week, but really we only had one homicide — and I'm not minimizing: One death is one too many. But…people were thinking that people were just dying on every street corner in South Los Angeles, and that was far from the truth.

South Central is the worst part of Los Angeles. Compton, Paramount, Inglewood, Florence, Watts, and East L.A. all make up the District of South Central, which in our World of Darkness is a much more dangerous place than it is in reality (and that's saying something). Feb 29,  · It was there when I grew up in South Central Los Angeles, in Compton, Willowbrook, and Watts in the s. During this period Hispanics were the minority and were often the victims of predatory African-American gangs. Just keep in mind that, quite literally, MILLIONS of people live in the worst parts of Los Angeles, and they survive every day. The gang violence is real, other violence is real, but it's nowhere near as pervasive as some commenters are making it seem.

Secondly, we wanted to, as much as we could, vet this post. Is there any validity to it? Statistically, we knew it wasn't valid, because my understanding was that post came out on July 17, and we did not have a homicide every day from July 17 through the On Saturday July 25 we had a huge gang funeral that morning We had an incident at that funeral, and we didn't really know what that would do in terms of violence that night.

A couple hours later, we had that homicide off 81st and Hoover, and initially everybody was thinking that might have been connected to the funeral.

What we're hearing now and based off the investigation, we don't think so. But that's the information that got out to the community. Shortly thereafter, we had a series of different shootings within a pretty close radius, three- four-mile radius, which kind of fed into this whole days, nights thing, which kind of led to the urban legend of this post.

We called a tactical alert. A lot of people in the community heard "tactical alert" and thought all hell is breaking loose.

And that really wasn't the case. We pooled resources into South L.We have mapped street gangs of South Los Angeles, Inglewood, Watts, Westlake, Pico-Union, the San Fernando Valley and other parts of the South Bay & Southeast Los Angeles County.

In total, we have mapped approximately street gangs in Los Angeles County that were active in that have been digitized into a GIS file.

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One navigator, Kusema Thomas, was in the 43GC gang in South Central Los Angeles. When members leave the gang life behind they “have a big pile of stuff to deal with,” he said.

“They get angry and they don’t know what to do.”. The Longos are said to be the most hated gang in the whole of Los Angeles The images show members of the East and West Side Longos – Hispanic-American street gangs with ties to Mexican drug cartels.

Ethnic Change and Enclaves in Los Angeles

Timeline: South Central Los Angeles. From an icon of African American home ownership to a symbol of urban blight and gang violence, the area known as South Central Los Angeles has experienced.

Gangs in south central los angeles

I was raised in South Central L.A. and im here to encourage all the youth to go to college. Voice your opinion to city officials and strive for a degree in Urban (City) .

South Central Los Angeles is now referred to as “South Los Angeles” and is a loose term that includes all of south Los Angeles, south of The Santa Monica Freeway and downtown and includes independent cities within the region: Compton, Inglewood, Downey and Bellflower. The term "South L.A." was coined in the wake of the riots; before then, much of the city south of the 10 freeway was referred to as South-Central Los Angeles. Its more complete than the simple Los Angeles one because the Los Angeles map's only resource for information is from the Los Angeles Police Department. The map I have I think has multiple sources and is more inclusive to a greater region.

South Central Los Angeles in the s was an area besieged by poverty and violence. The Watts Riots of had left an indelible mark on the city, and an entire generation of young people lived an existence of rage and hopelessness.

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