Glossy inkjet paper

There are many superb technical paper reviews, with DMax, paper base reflectivity, analysis of glossiness and all sorts being assessed along with endless colour matrices and step wedges being printed. What people did was make prints and decide which they felt produced the best looking results! So that is how I decided what performed best:

Glossy inkjet paper

Requires special consideration when printing More difficult to handle — fingerprints can appear very obvious Bright lights can cause glare and make it difficult to read or view your materials Not ideal for mounting behind glass — the glossy finish can stick to the glass surface.

When to Use Glossy Paper Glossy paper is most commonly used for printing photos and promotional materials. Printing Photographs Glossy inkjet paper paper is often ideal for photography because it allows more vibrant colors and sharper image reproduction.

However, there are times when glossy paper is not ideal for printing photos: Fingerprints are very obvious on glossy photos, and glossy finishes can also stick to the page in front.

Try using semi-gloss paper instead. Keith Cooper for Northlight Images Get our tips for choosing photography paper and find the perfect photography paper for your project. Promotional Materials Glossy paper adds a little something extra to your brochures, flyers, business cards, or other promotional material.

Choosing a glossy paper for your promotional materials is different than picking a glossy paper for printing photos. Photo paper is too thick; instead, glossy paper for promotional materials should be a bit lighter so it can be easily folded or bound.

Make sure you use a glossy paper designed for laser printers.

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Here are some glossy papers that are perfect for promotional materials: Splendorlux Black on Black This glossy black paper will certainly make a statement. Shop for Splendorlux Black on Black paper. For a bright look, try using pure white glossy card stock.

This stock is perfect for laser printing, color reproduction, offset lithography, and many other print finishes. For a slightly heavier bright white stock, try using lb. This paper is perfect for single-page materials like business cards, flyers, or posters.

Check out our lb. Splendorlux Silver Paper Use glossy silver paper for an extra luxurious look and feel. This paper is ideal for offset lithography and other print finishes like embossing, engraving, letterpress, and die-cutting.

Buy Splendorlux Silver glossy paper. Get Glossy Whether you want to print the brightest, crispest photos or create a memorable promotional piece, nothing gets noticed like glossy paper. Take a look at all of our glossy papers.Our Mil glossy cardstock paper is glossy on one side and matte on the other.

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Both sides of the paper are printable. Made for Inkjet printers only, this inkjet gloss cardstock measures 8 1/2" x 11". The LD Glossy Photo Sticker Paper is great for printing stickers with your inkjet printer! You get sheets of X 11 inch of sticker photo paper at a very affordable price.

So many creative possibilities, so little time! Milcoast Glossy Full Sheet ” x 11” Adhesive Waterproof Photo Craft Paper – Works with Inkjet/Laser Printers – For Stickers, Labels, Scrapbooks, Bottle Labels, Arts and Crafts (25 Sheets). Every major brand of inkjet paper, from resin coated to fine art, at the best prices!

Glossy inkjet paper

Print colorful, everyday snapshots for a low cost, using recyclable paper. This glossy paper dries quickly for easy handling and can be used with any inkjet printer.

Professional and advanced inkjet photo paper is a bit more expensive than basic glossy or matte inkjet photo paper, but they offer many benefits in terms of quality and convenience. Professional and high quality inkjet paper is an instant drying, super heavyweight, with a brilliant gloss, and guaranteed for the longest duration.

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