Internship midterm report

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Internship midterm report

What is an Internship? An academic internship at Hamline is defined as: Students earn academic credit, or there is some other connection to a degree-granting, educational institution. The internship is usually the length or equivalent of an academic term, may be part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid.

It also allows for students to develop their own internship experience, or adapt an existing job or volunteer experience into an internship, by adding a structured learning component that includes goal-setting, on-going supervision and reflection. Students may also register internships as 2 credit LEAP internships.

Students may find this option helpful during terms where registering an internship would cause them to exceed their credit limit, or during situations such as the summer term when tuition is charged on a by-credit basis.

Students may register up to three internships for 4 credits over the course of their time at Hamline or up to six 2 credit internships. Effective Fallthe 0 credit internship option has been eliminated and students now have the option to register their internships for 2 or 4 academic credits.

Both options will fulfill the LEAP requirement for the Hamline Plan and will carry the same hour and paperwork requirements.

Internship midterm report

The amount of academic reflective work, however, will be scaled depending on the number of credits Internship midterm report student chooses. Students should consult with their faculty advisor or the Internship Program Coordinator to determine the most appropriate credit option for them. Tuition for internships will be billed according to the same rate and policies as other classes during the academic year, January or Summer terms.

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In general, all Hamline undergraduate students are required to obtain one LEAP credit by the time they graduate. Contact the current Educational Development Coordinator, Jane Turk, for more information jturk02 hamline.

Internship midterm report

Some departments have chosen to require an internship as part of their program curriculum. Others require students to work with a specific faculty member, or take an internship seminar when completing an internship.

It is up to the discretion of each academic department if and how it would like to incorporate internships into its program curriculum. Consult with your department chair for specific requirements within your program, and see below for a summary of departments with special requirements: Department Requirements Creative Writing Internships are required for the major.

Students complete internships independently with a Creative Writing faculty member. Students register their internships through the CDC.

The seminar is taught every fall, spring and summer. Environmental Studies Internships are required for the major. Students complete internships independently with an Environmental Studies faculty member. Detailed requirements available here. Forensic Science Internships are required for the certificate through the Forensic Science Internship course.

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Students should work with their faculty supervisor to register for CJFS under individual study. All students in the School of Business must register for the 2 credit Internship with Seminar course, taught every fall, spring, and summer.

Students are required to work a minimum of hours at their internship sites. Students complete these internships through the Political Science Internship Seminar taught every spring. Other Political Science students may also take this seminar for credit, or register independent internships.

Public Health Science Internships are required for the major.

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Students complete internships independently with a Public Health Science faculty member. Sociology Students must complete an internship as part of the Sociology Senior Seminar.

Students may also register independent internships for credit. This allows the Internship Program Coordinator to check-in with students and discuss their internship plans, verify that they understand the requirements, and ensure that they have access to the necessary internship forms.

Students will be registered under the name of the Internship Program Coordinator until they submit their LEAP Learning Agreement, at which time their registration will be switched to the faculty of note on this form.

A-Track Subject Courses

Their internships are automatically registered when students register for the seminar via Piperline or through the approval of the seminar instructor. Students must also meet the work expectations of the internship employer, complete any academic and reflective work as agreed upon with the faculty supervisor, arrange meeting times and ensure that the Midterm Evaluation and the Final Evaluation are completed with the Site Supervisor and turned in to the Career Development Center in a timely manner.

The Faculty Supervisor is a full-time Hamline professor who oversees the academic components of the internship experience. Faculty are expected to provide students with guidance and feedback on navigating the internship experience when needed, and to assign a final grade for the internship at the end of the term.

The Site Supervisor is a professional staff person at the internship site who has expertise in the intern's work area. The supervisor is responsible for orienting and training the intern as well as guiding and evaluating his or her work at the internship site.

Supervising requires taking time to discuss the intern's work, providing background information and resources, giving coaching and feedback, and providing opportunities for new learning.American Music Therapy Association National Roster Internship Guidelines A.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. ELIGIBILITY OF SETTINGS. Any facility, group of facilities, or private practice that provides music therapy services, is dedicated to using music in a therapeutic manner, and retains a music therapist who meets the AMTA requirements for Internship Director (see section B) is .

what is the final project for your internship to be? HOW DO YOU PLAN TO GO ABOUT COMPLETING YOUR INTERNSHIP IN THE FIVE WEEKS REMAINING? MIDTERM REPORT (continued).

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