Inverted pyramid writing activity for second

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Inverted pyramid writing activity for second

The teacher will ask the students to brainstorm several questions and respond to the questions in their journals. The questions will include: The teacher should take notes on the board as students list ideas to question 1.

The teacher will divide the class into groups of four. Each group will be responsible for a particular component of the inverted pyramid checklist ranging from lead sentences to transitions to AP style.

Each group will cut examples from articles that exhibit their designated component and display the specific component in a creative manner. The guidelines allow the group to collaboratively think creatively. Some examples might include: One group might display ten lead sentence raindrops hanging from their umbrella as an example.

The group activity enables students to identify the inverted pyramid components and display each in a creative manner.

A great source for an alphabetized list of fables can be found at www.

inverted pyramid writing activity for second

Some examples of the fables include: The fable will be adapted, including lead sentences, transition statements, AP style, wordiness, and second paragraphs. Since the inverted pyramid structure demands beginning with the most important information and presenting information in decreasing order of importance, the fables will contain reversals of their usual order coupled by numerous changes.

Students will be given the option of creatively adding proper names, places, events, dates, and reasons. The students will implement creative cognitive skills when creating the article, as well as demonstrate an ability to apply the inverted pyramid checklist.

Students will be asked to continue working on their adapted fables at home.

The students will be reminded that each inverted pyramid component must be completed lead sentence, transitions, second paragraph, AP style, names and titles, attribution, and wordiness. The teacher will remind the students that the assignment will be put in their portfolios.

Why do journalists reporting breaking news follow the pattern of reporting most to least important news? Can you find examples of both in the paper? Does finding a grammatical mistake in a newspaper affect your attitude toward that particular paper?

Why or why not? Students will be evaluated based on written journal entry, participation in group activity, and completion of the fable assignment.

The lesson will allow students to think creatively as well as apply learned knowledge of the essential components of the inverted pyramid. The students will adapt an Aesopian fable to compose a modern day news article. The exercise allows students to strengthen news writing skills.9 letter words whose second letter is E.

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The pre-Columbian civilizations were extraordinary. "The inverted pyramid style in newspaper writing was developed because editors, adjusting for space, would cut the article from the bottom.

We can write the same way in a magazine article "We add details as we enlarge the article. So the weight is like an inverted pyramid, with the details of.

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