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He truly believed that Christianity was worthless. However, when challenged to intellectually examine the claims of Christianity, Josh discovered compelling, overwhelming evidence for the reliability of the Christian faith.

Josh mcdowell

But there are other fears, daily worries, and more imminent reasons for most parents to be frightened.

Josh mcdowell

That fear is real. And it never goes away. Yet, while parents need to fear what their children could be tempted to do, they need to be more concerned with what their children are led to believe.

Was Christ Crucified? - The Debate between Ahmed Deedat and Josh McDowell

The way teens behave comes from something. Their attitudes and actions spring from their value system, and their value system is based on what they believe. Glen Schultz puts it this way: These beliefs shape his values, and his values drive his actions. If parents are concerned their young people might make wrong choices that will bring them pain, it is shortsighted to merely try to mold or control what they do.

It is better to instill right values in them, values based on solid biblical beliefs. What do they believe? Eighty percent3 of children involved in evangelical churches agree religious beliefs are important to them, and 61 percent4 say the Bible is accurate.

That is the good news. After all, this generation, more than past generations, seems far more open and vocal about their faith — even to the point of wearing their Christian witness on T-shirts and worshiping with passion.

Culture Without Convictions Recent decades have witnessed the development of a postmodern culture that largely considers conviction to be a dirty word. Understanding postmodernism, however, can be much like standing in an appliance store trying to watch three or four television shows at once.

Postmodernism defies easy definition because it is extremely complex, often contradictory, and constantly changing. It is fitting that the term postmodernism describes this school of thought by what it is not.

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Postmodernism is the philosophy that succeeded and, to some degree, supplanted modernism — a way of thinking that has challenged the Christian worldview for centuries.

Whereas modernism rejected religion and superstition in favor of science and reason, postmodernism repudiates any appeal to reality or truth … and, thus, frowns on those who believe anything with conviction. So, while postmodernism is difficult to define, it is possible to summarize its most common beliefs: Truth does not exist in any objective sense.

Instead of discovering truth in a metanarrative — a story such as the Bible or ideology such as Marxism that presents a unified way of looking at philosophy, religion, art, and science — postmodernism rejects any overarching explanation of what constitutes truth and reality. Truth — whether in science, education, or religion — is created by a specific culture or community and is true only in and for that culture.

A person is the product of his culture.Josh McDowell is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Evidence for the Resurrection by Josh McDowell.

For centuries many of the world's distinguished philosophers have assaulted Christianity as being irrational, superstitious and absurd. Apologist and legendary Christian author Josh McDowell decided against giving a speech at Liberty's Convocation on Wednesday, instead opting to share his own story, which included tales of a.

Sean McDowell is a gifted communicator with a passion for equipping the church, and in particular young people, to make the case for the Christian faith. Joslin "Josh" McDowell is a Christian apologist, evangelist, and writer. He is within the Evangelical tradition of Protestant Christianity, and is the author or co-author of some 77 books.

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His best-known book is Evidence That Demands a Verdict, which was ranked 13th in Christianity Today's list of most influential evangelical books since Other well known titles are More Than a Carpenter. Walking with Loved Ones at the End of Life (with Doug Groothuis) Doug Groothuis, Sean McDowell, Scott Rae.

There are few things in life that are more gut-wrenching than walking with a loved one through a terminal illness.

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