Plans after college graduation essay

I have decided to choose an Adult who is an Orthodontic specialist. The Adult I have chosen is named Dr Sadiq. He uses a lot of ICT in his Daily life which is very helpful to him as it enable him to carry on with work quickly and without facing a lot of problems. He owns an orthodontic practice which includes a lot of

Plans after college graduation essay

Plans after college graduation essay

Graduates finally walk down the aisle, accompanied by fellow classmates who have worked just as hard to get to this very precise moment. Yet, they seem oblivious to the fact that even though they spent around 4 years building up to this moment, the sensation of relief and accomplishment will only last for a few days before they comprehend that this is not just merely the end of their college lifebut the beginning of their real life.

The ceremony is magnificent and the guest speaker is inspirational and pleasing. She encourages graduates to follow their dreams to wherever they may lead. However, this is just rhetoric, actual practice must be put in place in order to accomplish such aspirations and turn them into reality.


It is normal for students to be afraid at first. After all, this is a new stage in their lives where they will put into practice everything they learned in college.

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Many students find themselves in a panic when they realize that they have no clue of what is next in their lives. This feeling, as opposed to what most of them believe, is completely normal and is almost a rite of passage in a way.

Uncertainty and doubt are important, they make people strive for better things.

Dentistry Personal Statement Sample - After - EssayEdge Graduate School Sample Essay — Geological Science October 20, by jie I have been planning a career in geological sciences for several years, but as an undergraduate I concentrated on getting a solid background in math and science.
Free sample - Post - Graduation Plans. Trustessays Samples Randall Hansen Graduating from college is a major milestone.
SUCCESSFUL 5: Essay about Future Plan I have a lot of dreams. When I was a kid my dream is to be a pilot, and as the time goes by, I have other dreams, sometimes, I want to be a president, an army, doctor and other interesting dreams.
Example research essay topics, free essays Maybe I will go to Jakarta on TV station to explore my ability. After that in my success, I will look for my soulmate and marry her.

My suggestion would be to just go with the flow and see what happens. Why take a mediocre job right away instead of waiting for the right one to come along? Or in that case, why even take a job at all!

It might benefit you to do a few internships first in different fields and dip your toes a little to experience different mediums, especially if you graduated in a field as wide and full of opportunities like communication.

Whatever it is you decide to do, remember there are always a lot of options. Furthermore, you should also seriously consider going back to school! I know, I know, just hearing the words school and you in the same sentence make you tremble.

Making the right choice for you is vital. So think about it and after you do, let us know what you decided! Joana Santillana may be reached at joana.Find answers to your college planning questions and put your college plans on track.

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Mar 27,  · The Sunday Magazine analyzed what members of the class of at one college, Drew University, are doing now, nearly a year after graduation, and the news is not good: most have acutely felt the stresses of the bad economy.

My Plans After Graduation; My Plans After Graduation Essay Sample. Graduation is quickly approaching, and I believe I am prepared. After this summer I am going to college, being a real “adult” and I will be able to make my own choices. For the past two years I have held two separate jobs. These two different jobs have taught me.

What Are Your Plans After Graduation? By Joana Santillana. On May 15, Tweet. Pin It. After all, this is a new stage in their lives where they will put into practice everything they learned in college.

Many students find themselves in a panic when they realize that they have no clue of what is next in their lives.

This feeling, as. What's next for you after college? Find key career, job search, life advice in this free article. So You’ve Graduated College What’s Next for You?

Example research essay topics, free essays

Eight Critical Issues Facing New Grads A recent graduate who had planned to move into an apartment far from home upon graduation just changed his plans — and is now moving back home.

After my graduation from State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga, I have three plans to continue my life so that I can be a better person. First, I want to find about a good job and work for about one year.

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