The padaung custom

The Padaung have no written language and are best known for its long-necked women. The tribe is named after the Padaung area, where most of them live. There are about 10, people in the tribe. Their homes and villages are found scattered in the area between the Kayah State, east of Taungoo and Southern Shan State.

The padaung custom

National Geographic Channel The Kayan women of Northern Thailand are known for the exquisite and incredible brass coils they wear around their necks. National Geographic Channel Myth has it that the women will break their necks or be unable to support them if the coils are removed but this is simply not true.

Maeneng, above, is the matriarch of her village, and while she is the only one to wear 25 coils, she often helps adjust and repair the coils of other women. National Geographic Channel In this picture year-old MaeBlae is having her coils redone as they were causing discomfort.

She had not seen her neck for 5 years and was excited to see what it looked like. National Geographic Channel Children are often given their first set of coils at age 5.

In actual fact, the Kayan women do not have their necks elongated, rather it works in the other direction. National Geographic Channel As the weight of the coils press down, the clavicle is lowered, and with each addition to the neck rings it falls further, compressing the rib cage as well.

The shoulders finally fall away to give the appearance of an elongated neck.

The padaung custom

National Geographic Channel The necks are stunning with their solid brass coils and of course there is folklore around the custom. Some anthropologists believe the folklore surrounds a belief that the coils will stave stave off tiger bites, while others think it has to do with making the individual look like a dragon, an important part of Kayan mythology.

When talking to the women, though, it seems like beauty is the main reason they wear the coils. You can discover more about the long-necked Kayan women on June 1, at 10pm on the National Geographic channel.Burdens to Blessings.

Most of the decisions to get the rings are not by choice but by force and custom. In the past, many Padaung girls were fitted with these metal rings as early as the ages 5 or 6 depending on the prescribed horoscope findings of the village shamans. Once it was stated that they were ready to receive their first set of.

The Padaung, Burmese women famous for their elongated necks, are a popular tourist attraction - and some say they're basically being enslaved: Morally, it's far from perfect. Whatever the. The Sideshow and Freakshow Central with Sword Swallowers, Fire Breathers, Freaks, Sideshow Performers, This custom does not in any way effect their health, not interfere with domestic duties.

Padaung Women Allow the Scientific Eye of the X-Ray to Explore the Mysterious Neck Conformation Beneath the Heavy Brass Rings. Image made at the. For centuries the Padaung women have been a source of curiosity because of their custom of wearing up to 32 gold-coloured brass neck coils.

Once they were even brought to the court in . The Padaung originally lived in their homeland of Burma, now called Myanmar. In , a military coup overthrew the government of Burma. The new regime wanted to modernize the country and persecuted the Padaung because of their ancient customs.

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Tourists used to flock to see the legendary ‘long-neck’ women in northern Thailand. On the dusty afternoon that Mapaung sits pensively waiting for custom, only two foreigners came by. They briefly glanced around, took no pictures, and bought no souvenirs. The Padaung are recognised by agencies.

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