The problems of youth in uganda

Number of Individuals with Internet Access: With a population of almost 24 million, Uganda is a country with 52 languages spoken by four major people groups: The country coverssquare Kilometers with 83 percent of the people living in rural areas. Uganda's people have a relatively short life span— some 48 percent of the people will not live to see their 40th birthday.

The problems of youth in uganda

Such a revelation also comes with concerns, writes Taddeo Bwambale. A walk through bustling downtown Kampala tells the allure of a flourishing business in the city. It is barely 8: The people are placing their bets on various sports games, among them football and virtual racing.

At the counter, year-old Brian Guma, an S. If luck smiles on him, he will earn sh, by close of day. Should any of his selected teams lose, he will walk to Kalerwe. Having leaped over humble beginnings, Bakka is now a budding young entrepreneur. Young population The stories of Guma and Bakka present the mixed fortunes that present with an increasingly younger population age group struggling to survive in the city.

Experts warn that such a big young population will exert more pressure on the economy, unless it is transformed into a productive work force. According to the report, The UN defines the youth as a section of the population between years, while the commonwealth considers those between 15 and 29 years.

The National Youth Policy considers those aged 12 to 30 years. This age range is a period of great emotional, physical and psychological changes that require societal support for a safe passage from adolescence to adulthood.

This age group is projected to grow to 7. Ibrahim Kasirye, a senior research Research Centre, notes that the population is bound to strain resources if the high birth rates are not controlled.

He observes that the growth in the population is not driven by the desire for more children which has declined in the past 15 yearsbut by the high rate of unwanted births. Experts warn that the frustration of the youth can contribute to militancy, impatience and risk-taking, since they can be easily exploited by people with sinister motives.

Another threat to youth productivity is their susceptibility to alcohol and drug abuse, as well as social-economic vulnerabilities such as ignorance, poverty and unemployment.

The growth in primary, secondary and university enrolment is identified as a positive step, but Ssekamate highlights the need to curb the dropout rate, especially for girls. The construction of more health units is also identifi ed as a key step, but the presence of only 2, doctors with a ratio of one doctor to 12, patients, is way below acceptable standards.

Ssekamate observes that scaling up family planning services would reduce fertility levels and increase the ratio of employed adults to young dependents. The fertility rate for Ugandan women has been declining, from 6. If this fertility transition improves further, Uganda may benefit from the demographic dividend.

The report emphasises the need for the Government to support initiatives intended to absorb and employ the extra workforce, through skilling and tooling.Another major problem facing Uganda today is the problem of "let's pass new laws". Uganda has this "barbaric" culture of passing laws to solve all problems.

This has led to nothing but a big country full of laws but lawlessness. UNICEF is committed to doing all it can to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with governments, civil society, business, academia and the United Nations family – and especially children and young people.

Uganda’s election is likely to attract an unprecedented number of youth vying for parliamentary and other electoral seats.

At university campuses, young people, still at university, some. The purpose of the study was to examine the problems facing the youth in St. Mark Church of Uganda Kamuli parish the study was promoted by observation of acts of individualism characterized with anti-social behaviors where many youth indulge in drug abuse, rape, theft alcohol consumption.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni became President of the Republic of Uganda on January 29, after leading a successful five-year liberation struggle.

The problems of youth in uganda

The State of Uganda’s Population Report is out. According to the findings, Uganda has the world’s youngest population, with over 78% below 30 years.

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