Windows service c writing service installer

What is a Windows Service Enables you to create long-running executable applications that run in their own windows session. Can be automatically started when the computer boots, can be paused and restarted without any user interaction. Easily installable by running the command line utility InstallUtil. Why a Windows Service?

Windows service c writing service installer

Collapse the table of content Expand the table of content This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. New Base Classes in. You can also write a Windows service in any other language that targets the common language runtime.

This article walks you through the creation of a useful Windows service, then demonstrates how to install, test, and debug the service. Typically these services provide system-level support, including the system event log, task scheduler, and telephony. An important aspect of Windows services is that they can run without a user context, albeit only under Windows NT, Windowsor Windows XP at this point.

windows service c writing service installer

Windows services are often started by Windows when you boot up, but can be stopped, paused, restarted, and shut down from the Services applet provided by Windows. NET changes all of this. Creating a Windows service in Visual Studio. NET is amazingly simple.

Creating a Windows Service in C#

If you follow the steps, you end up with a service, and debugging the service is much simpler than in previous versions. This article focuses on creating a simple, somewhat useful Windows service which monitors file changes on a specific drive, or, with modification, on multiple drives. Creating a Windows Service in.

You determine the behavior of each service in your project by writing a class for each that inherits from the ServiceProcess. ServiceBase class creating a Windows Service project takes care of most of these types of details for youand adding code to handle the various methods provided by this class.

The Service Control Manager mentioned here is, by the way, not the same as the service COM uses to bootstrap objects, even though they share the same name. You must also supply an Installer class that inherits from Configuration.

For each service in your project, this class creates one ServiceProcessInstaller object which knows how to install the service with the SCM for youand a ServiceInstaller object.

Working with Installers would require an entire article, so it will not be the focus here. Compile your project to create an EXE.


NET platform to install your project you should load it as a service. Use the Services applet from the Control Panel to start your service.

By default, the project you created sets the start type to Manual. This article covers each of these steps in some detail. The service monitors file activity on the drive that you specify when you start the service.

NET platform, however, provides the FileSystemWatcher component, which makes it easy to determine when users have modified, deleted, added, or moved files on a drive.

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All you have to do is place one of these components on the design surface for your service class, and you can react to events raised by the component when files are changed. NET Framework as well, so you can just drop it and use it. The sample files for this article, which can be found at the link at the top of this article, include the completed FileWatcher service, but if you want to create your own, follow these steps: NET, and create a new project.

Set the name for the project to FileWatcher, and place it in a convenient folder. When entering code throughout this article, choose the appropriate code sample, C or Visual Basic.

NET, matching your project type. Selecting the project template sets up the appropriate inheritance, and includes the necessary components. The online documentation for Visual Studio describes how you can do this yourself.

Modify the file name. In the Solution Explorer window, rename this file FileWatcher.Using Visual Studio® , writing a Windows service application was at best tricky.

Create a Windows service application in Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs

For C/C++ developers, the techniques were documented and manageable, but debugging was treacherous. makes it so simple for you to create, install, and test your Windows services, you have power you could only dream of with previous tools.

. What is a Windows Service. Enables you to create long-running executable applications that run in their own windows session.

windows service c writing service installer

Can be automatically started when the computer boots, can be paused and restarted without any user interaction. Jun 12,  · Windows Service – How to write and Install To see it running goto control Panel -> Administrative tools ->Computer management -> services and applications -> services.

(left) and see your service running! Good Luck for writing your Windows Service! This will create a service installer and a service process installer and show them to you in design view, ready for you to set their properties.

If you've been reading about Windows Services documentation, you may wonder why you have to add an installer. To install a Windows Service. In Windows 7 and Windows Server, open the Developer Command Prompt under Visual Studio Tools in the Start menu.

How to: Debug Windows Service Applications Services (Windows) Feedback. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Choose the type you'd like to provide. Writing Windows Service (C#.NET) want but for demo purposes, I will continue with the name Service1), right click anywhere on the design and click 'Add Installer'.

After you click on Add OnStart is called whenever the service starts and OnStop when the service stops. Windows services are written for long running tasks in the background.

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