Write a school leaving certificate jamaica

The HSDE is expected to equip recent school leavers and adults without the traditional qualifications such as CXCs, with the certification necessary to matriculate into tertiary institutions or get a job. In order to get the HSDE certificate, these individuals would need to complete courses in critical subject areas such as English Language, mathematics, science and technology and health and family life. These courses will be offered at 29 adult education centres AECs islandwide. The initiative was fully endorsed by Thwaites as the second chance needed by many Jamaicans to certify themselves so that they can work and achieve their full potential.

Write a school leaving certificate jamaica

Twenty-eight women who left the school in a rather ignoble manner in andcarried the anguish of being punished for the indiscipline of a few when their graduation ceremonies were abruptly cancelled, more than three decades ago.

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On Saturday evening, to redress what was belatedly accepted as a wrong done to those girls who were innocent, Merl Grove High staged a special graduation ceremony at which school-leaving certificates were presented to the aggrieved women. For sure, this story elsewhere in this edition and that we first carried on October 29,is indeed an unusual story that has presented itself as a teachable moment for those charged with the lives of young children and how to discipline them for bad behaviour.

The story is that on the eve of graduation, a few girls were caught in compromising situations with some boys at a fund-raising barbecue, and the graduation was cancelled to punish them.

write a school leaving certificate jamaica

We are told that so painful was that action that many of the estimated women affected could not even bring themselves to say they attended Merl Grove and would have nothing to do with fund-raisers or other activities meant to benefit the school. Regrettably, several of the other girls were unable to attend, or receive their high school certificates because they had probably not heard of the November 17 ceremony, while some may still be seething.

High School Diploma Equivalency programme launched

Some took their grief to the grave. One past student, Ms Cerene Betancourt graduated posthumously, having died in Januaryand it was obvious that the gathering was moved as two of her daughters and grandchildren went on stage to receive her certificate.

Another highpoint was the student, Mississippi-based Yvonne McDonald who recounted that her mother Ms Odelyn Binns was even more affected than her when the ceremony was cancelled. The school had the eminently good sense to open the graduation to Ms Norma Lattibeaudiere-Dixon who was in the class of but dropped out because of pregnancy after one term in fifth form.

Bearing no ill will towards the school, she became a stalwart supporter and was appropriately honoured for outstanding contribution to Merl Grove High as a past student and given her school-leaving certificate. The board and management of the school are to be commended for deciding even at this late stage to correct what was palpably a bad decision.

But we know that there is a widespread practice of dishing out collective punishment when misbehaving culprits cannot be identified.


In the case of Merl Grove, the guilty parties were apparently known. Still, as the saying goes: All's well that ends well.

We hope the graduation ceremony will bring healing to those still hurting and that the current students will be the beneficiaries of their support for Merl Grove High.The school had the eminently good sense to open the graduation to Ms Norma Lattibeaudiere-Dixon who was in the class of but dropped out because of pregnancy after one term in fifth form.


Andrew Jobs, benjaminpohle.com A school leaving qualification is an academic qualification awarded for the completion of high school.

write a school leaving certificate jamaica

Depending on the country or region, it may alternatively be known as a high school diploma, school certificate, senior certificate, or certificate of education, amongst other names.

The Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL) has thrown a lifeline to persons who have left the education system without any form of certification.

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The JFLL said it would be rolling out the High School Diploma Equivalency (HSDE) programme in the next school year. Jamaica has also formed a summer school program, which is a five-day workshop for students to gain first hand experience working in the tourism environment.

Field trips to "local" tourist attractions are also included, along with a "one month placement of the top students in . Request to Issue School Leaving Certificate October 30, DocumentsHub 48 Comments Format of Request to issue school leaving certificate, Can also be used as a application or letter to issue school leaving certificate for school management by parents.

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