Writing a pioneer journal

That 'Internet of Things' Thing In the real world, things matter more than ideas. It summed up an important insight—one that 10 years later, after the Internet of Things has become the title of everything from an article in Scientific American to the name of a European Union conference, is still often misunderstood. The fact that I was probably the first person to say "Internet of Things" doesn't give me any right to control how others use the phrase.

Writing a pioneer journal

Here are some rules of thumb: People lose interest if the letter rambles on too long. Vitriol turns people away from your message.

The newspaper will not print your address or phone but some editors call to be sure you submitted the letter yourself and they like to know you are from the local area.

Pioneer Writing Prompts | Journal Topics about the American Frontier

See e-mail addresses for southwest Wisconsin newspapers below. Area newspapers often print letters from people who are not in their readership area. But try not to wait until the last minute. The newspaper can't print every letter but the editor needs to know you are watching for your letter.

Submit letter on line at https: After that the charge will be 12 cents a word. Letter must be signed — therefore mail it to Fennimore Times, P. Include your full name, address and phone number.

Home News Spring Green: He does 10 to 15 minute live interviews on from 9 to 10 a. Can be phone interviews. Ron is very helpful. He welcomes ideas on a range of topics.

Sometimes they use segments from these interviews on the regular news shows or will tape short things for the regular news shows. Best time to call Ron for setting up an interview is between 8 and 9 a. Does local interviews with newsmakers. You can reach her by phone but also try her email and she will call you back.

Guest interviews are minutes. Interview can be via phone or in studio.

writing a pioneer journal

Sometimes accepts calls from listeners for guest. Does 8 to 10 minute interviews aired after the noon news. They also have a community calendar. Items submitted are reserved for non-profit or civic events.

Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin : -- Letters to the Editor

Interviews air Thursday and Friday afternoons. Will accept press releases and do interviews, live, phone and taped.

They do noon in-person interviews. To book interviews, call This is a fictional book, yet it is based on the experiences of real women and real children's perspective as they travel westward. The author compiled information from many sources of the time, including journals, diaries and pioneer guidebooks.

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The RHSV Library collection is one of the oldest and most important historical collections in the state. As well as books, the collection consists of rare pamphlets, documents, ephemera, newspaper cuttings on a variety of topics in the Vertical Files.

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